Updates on the project

I was lucky enough to receive the William J. Kramer Humanitarian Award for the work I did on this project.  The project is also continuing now that I have graduated from Fairfield.  Before I left I had a meeting with faculty members from the Dolan School of Business as well as a group of students who were interested in continuing this project.  I know that they already sold the crafts at an event a few weeks ago, and I know that they are planning on developing a website once school starts again.  Keep checking here for updates.  I know I will be hearing about the progress the students and faculty will be making.

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Board of Trustees

I met with some of the board of trustees to discuss my project.  It was an informal setting, but I set up a table with a few of the crafts as well as a computer slide show of some of my pictures.  They were all very interested in what I was doing, and almost all of the people I spoke with had been down to Nicaragua at some point and met some of the artisans.  It was a great opportunity to be able to speak with them.

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Television Interview!

Last week I was interviewed by the office of Radio and Television for the Archdiocese of Hartford.  They interviewed myself and Professor Tellis about the Nicaraguan project and how it got started.  It will be on Saturday March 5th, 2011 at 10:30 on channel 11 only in CT

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Dell Competition

I’m entering into a competition that Dell is offering for social innovations.  If anybody would like to vote for my proect here is the information you will need:

1. go to http://www.dellsocialinnovationcompetition.com/
2. On the right click the register now button
3. make up a username, put down your email, ckeck the box to accept their rules, and click the register me buttom
4. check your email because they will send you a password
5. log in to the dell competition website and in the top corner there is a search box. Enter in: Importing Nicaraguan Crafts to Benefit Artisan Families
6. Then click the vote button next to my submission

Thank you!

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Class Picks up My Project

I went to speak to an information systems class about my project today.  The class is going to develop a business plan and come up with ways to make my project sustainable during the semester.  They all listened to what I have done so far, and they had plenty of questions, which was great.  Hopefully with the help of these students this project can remain a part of Fairfield after I graduate in May.

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Faculty Meeting!

I spoke with the faculty of the Dolan School of Business today about my project.  They all seemed interested in my project, and the dean asked that they consider using my project as a semester project in their classes, which is an idea I offered them.  Three professors already said they would love to get involved.  They were all willing to help and offer ideas.  They also bought some of the samples I brought with me.  It was a great meeting.  I think I’m finally on my way towards making this project sustainable.

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Christmas Craft Sales!

Last week I sold the crafts at Fairfield University for a Christmas Craft Sale.  I did not get my new order in, so I was very low in products.  However, I did sell out of many items.  I really did sell a lot for such a limited selection.  I hope to get more products in before the end of the semester.  I would like to continue selling this week outside of the bookstore!

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